spSearch firefox plugin

The spSearch is a plugin developed by CRIA specific to Mozilla Firefox. Its purpose is to optimize the search of species scientific names in the speciesLink network, which can be done directly on your Mozilla Firefox without having to visit the web page.

Once installed in Mozilla Firefox, the search engine will appear in the search bar, located in the upper right corner of the Firefox window along with the other search plugins. See image below.

To use the search engine, select the plugin among the others by clicking on its icon, enter the scientific name of the species in the space provided and press enter. The results are displayed on Firefox the screen.
The tool is available for Windows x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit), Mac OS and Linux.

Installation (Windows):
It is recommended that Firefox is closed before starting the installation of spSearch in order to update the system files without the need to restart Mozilla Firefox.
By default, spSearch will be installed in Firefox´s "searchplugins" directory along with the other search engines.
Download the spSearch according to your Operating System version*. After the download completes, run the downloaded file by double clicking it and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

* To find out what´s your OS version click with the right mouse button on "My Computer" and then "Properties".

spSearch Firefox plugin (Windows 32 bits) - [Download]

spSearch Firefox plugin (Windows 64 bits) - [Download]

Installation (Mac OS and Linux):
Download the XML file and copy it to the Firefox directory "searchplugins". It is important to notice that the path to the directory “searchplugins” may vary according to the version of the Operating System.

spSearch Firefox plugin (Mac OS and Linux) - [XML] (click the right mouse button and choose "Save link as ...")

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