speciesBase it was developed by Reference Center on Environmental Information (CRIA) and motivated by the increasing number of collections that wish to computerize their holdings and share data through the speciesLink network. Its implemented in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and use the Microsoft® Access database. speciesBase is a system to register associated data types to collections, supported by foreign data tables to facilitate the entry of data.

Its interface was based on BONABIO, information taxonomic database used by the Federal University of Paraná system, developed by Dr. Ricardo Sionei Bonatto.

Their fields are based on the standard Darwin Core data and also includes the ability to add images, sounds and extra fields to the records.


speciesBase - Download

Manual (in portuguese) - Format .pdf

ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram

Version: 2.0 - May, 2010 - ChangeLog

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