Fiocruz-CBPM - Coleção Botânica de Plantas Medicinais
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Farmanguinhos / NGBS / PAF
Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro

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The Botanical Collection of Medicinal Plants, CBPM, was established with the support from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (Farmanguinhos) / Fiocruz. It aims to ensure the botanical identification and traceability of plant species of medical interest in order to facilitate secure access and rational use of medicinal plants and herbal medicines, promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity and the development of CT&I projects related to drugs from plant origin, in accordance with the precepts of the National Policy of Medical Plants and Herbal Medicines (Política Nacional de Plantas Medicinais e Fitoterápicos - PNPMF). The herbarium is registered in the Brazilian Herbaria Network formed from the "Herbaria Comission" of Brazil Botanical Society (Sociedade Botânica do Brasil - SBB) and is part of the Agroecological Platform of Phytomedicine (Plataforma Agroecológica de Fitomedicamentos -PAF) from the Management Center for Biodiversity and Health (Núcleo de Gestão em Biodiversidade e Saúde - NGBS) - Farmanguinhos / Fiocruz. The HFV is dedicated to collecting, georeferencing, storage, exchange, preservation and botanical identification of medicinal plants, as well as providing advisory services in the areas of botany, ethnobotany and pharmacobotany to meet the institutions whose projects are registered in the PAF. The collection includes 1200 herbarium exsiccates specimens of medicinal interest, distributed in 145 genera from 62 botanical families. The most representative botanical families in the collection are Asteraceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae and Myrtaceae. The collection is being computerized with the help of the program: Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System (BRAHMS). The images of the exsiccate specimens are scanned using a high-resolution scanner. Considering that the PAF, in which the HFV is inserted, provides services in the areas of chemistry and genetics of medicinal plants, studies are being currently conducted to find ways to link this information to their exsiccate specimen in the database. Therefore, a contribution is expected to the area of PD&I in biodiversity medicines.

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The data kept under the responsibility of CBPM are Union patrimony and considered public domain, respecting the three categories below: (A) internal data (management data - not intended for public use) (B) restricted access data (data use is restricted and require individual authorization to be accessed) (C) public data (without any restriction to be accessed) The use of any data of CBPM must be properly credited to the provider collection by quoting it´s name and / or acronym. This credit must be made in any publication, advertisement, correspondence or public display that makes allusion or mention such data. Users of CBPM shall send to the curator a copy of all publications that make use of data or specimen from the collection It´s prohibited any marketing and / or economic gain obtainment derived from data provided by CBPM except in cases that have prior authorization from the curator and are in accordance with the current legislation.

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