CAVESUPF - Coleção de Aves da Universidade de Passo Fundo
Universidade de Passo Fundo
Museu Zoobotânico Augusto Ruschi - Instituto de Ciências Biológicas
Passo Fundo - Rio Grande do Sul

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The Bird Collection of the University of Passo Fundo (UPF MUZAR AVES) is linked to the Zootechotanical Museum Augusto Ruschi of the Institute of Biological Sciences. The main objective of the collection was the tipping of items collected in the field through the monitoring of the birds carried out in some conservation units in the northern state of RS. The collection is divided into didactic (n = 72), aims to prepare the animals for exhibition, taking into account the natural appearance of the animal and its expressions and the scientist who presents 284 cataloged skins, belonging to 102 species, of 33 families, the family with the most representatives being the Thraupidae (14) species. The species nomenclature follows the list of Birds of Brazil of the Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee (CBRO) (2015). The individuals that belong to the family Thraupidae are: Amaurospiza moesta (n = 1), Emberizoides herbicola (n = 1), Microspingus cabanisi (n = 3), Pipraeidea bonariensis (n = 2), Poospiza nigrorufa (n = 1), Pyrrhocoma (n = 1), Tachyphonus coronatus (n = 1), Tangara sayaca (n = 1), Sporophila caerulescens (n = 1) n = 6), Trichothraupis melanops (n = 3), Zonotrichia capensis (n = 4)

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The data of the Bird Collection of the University of Passo Fundo are available for consultation and use under the following conditions: - it is forbidden to commercialize the data made available; - the use must be duly credited to the collection by citing its name and acronym, and the curator of the collection must be notified; - a copy of any publication in which the data are cited must be sent to the curator. The responsibility for the proper use of the data lies with the researchers and their institutions, and it is up to the user to check the data before using it for any purpose.

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