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Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGIR)    DiGIR is the main component of the distributed system, responsible for sending the query out to the various collection nodes, and integrating their answer in a homogeneous dataset to be returned to the user.
DiGIR is an open-source, public domain standard for retrieving biodiversity data based on XML and HTTP. It has been developed by several research groups from the United States, Europe, Australia and Brazil.
SinBiota    The SinBiota - Environmental Information System for the BIOTA/FAPESP Programme, integrates information collected by researchers associated with the BIOTA/FAPESP Programme.
The Species Analyst    The Species Analyst is one of the first distributed networks of biological collections databases. Currently, it integrates about 60 collections around the world and serves more than 50 million specimen records.
BioGeoMancer    Project coordinated by The University of Kansas, which goal is to provide automated tools for georeferencing specimen records. CRIA is a partner institution on this project.
openModeller    openModeller is an open source static spatial distribution modelling tool developed by CRIA as part of the speciesLink project (funded by Fapesp, the State of Sao Paulo Research Foundation). It is being used to predict species distribution (fundamental niche).
Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG)    TDWG is a working group formed by researchers from around the world, which goal is to provide an international forum for biological data projects, to develop and promote the use of standards and to facilitate data exchange.
DarwinCore    DarwinCore was adopted by the speciesLink network and includes basic data common to all taxonomic groups.
DarwinCore extension for microbial strains    DarwinCore is not sufficient to address specificities of certain taxonomic groups. For this reason extensions are being proposed. CRIA developed an extension for microbial strains in order to include SICol network to speciesLink.

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