the project Abstract and Proposal

The main goal of the project "Distributed Information System for Biological Collections: Integrating Species Analyst and SinBiota (FAPESP)", also known as speciesLink, was to implement a distributed information system to retrieve primary biodiversity data from collections within the state of São Paulo, Brazil, integrated to other networks and to the observation data registered in the SinBiota database. A number of tools were also developed to help collections with data cleaning and to enable ecological niche modeling.

The project team aimed at using current advances in databases, distributed systems, communication protocols, connectivity (Internet 2) and artificial intelligence, to achieve the following goals:
  • to develop a distributed information system to retrieve biodiversity data from biological collections within São Paulo State, from SinBiota, and from collections participating in international information networks;
  • to study and develop mathematical models to predict species' ecological niches and geographical distribution, using data from the distributed information system as input;
  • to develop applications to solve specific problems in biodiversity, such as: invasive species, climate change, endangered species protection, conservation management, using data from the distributed information system and also the modeling tools.
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Read the original project proposal submitted to and approved by FAPESP (in Portuguese, MS-WORD document).

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