This tool aims at helping curators in identifying possible errors and to standardize data. Records are not modified. The system just presents "suspect" records, recommending that they be checked by each author or curator. The tool is under constant development, so any suggestion is more then welcome.

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collection:    ZUEC-LEP
total number of records online 10612 
- without coordinates 3112 
- georeferenced 7500 
- access to georeferenced data denied
- in the sea 273 
- blank catalognumber
  smaller: 1   larger: 10612  
repeated records
catalog number
duplicate records
collector's name and number
last update  -  error logs
of the collection:  12-12-2018 of dataCleaning:  12-12-2019
geographic distribution of the specimens

collection profile
dataCleaning statistics
geographic coordinates analysis

taxonomic data
inventory scientific name - collector - identifier - types
kingdom not found
family 24 suspect records
genus 30 suspect records
species 295 suspect records
subspecies not found
author 1846 suspect records
duplicate not found
other inconsistencies 15 suspect records
comentários 0 comentários
locality data
inventory country - state - municipality
name of the country/state 148 suspect records
outlier 260 suspect records
long/lat outside the world limit not found
equal long/lat not found
long or lat equal to zero 229 suspect records
long/lat in the sea (Brazil) 260 suspect records
municipality name (Brazil) 2306 suspect records
coordinate unit analysis (Brazil) not found
other inconsistencies 22 suspect records

date collected
collected before 1930 not found
identification year previous to date collected 11 suspect records
suggestions for blank fields
long/lat (Brazil) 2403 suggestions  
country/state name not found
municipality name (Brazil) 145 suggestions

Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental, CRIA